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An Edmonton Production Company

Welcome to Ramona Czakert Franson's portfolio site. Rolu Media Inc. is her production company based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

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Graduate internship program expands possibilities for students, employers

June 22, 2017

This is a story and photo about the Graduate Student Internship Program at the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. I enjoy promoting this program because I see it has such great benefits for these brilliant students, who need opportunities to shine.  Thanks to UAlberta news!

UAlberta winner to compete for Canada’s 3 Minute Thesis national award

May 17, 2017

Here’s a story and photo about UAlberta’s 2017 3MT Winner. Congrats to Autumn and thanks to UAlberta news!

Community validation played powerful role in non-binary person’s gender journey

January 13, 2017

I think this is an important story about the amazing winner of the 2016 Images of Research competition, Pony Meyer.  So happy the story was accepted by the main UAlberta news. Thank you!  Yes, it is promoting a competition, but it’s also a great example of what I love about documentary. I love to see a different point of view and yet be reminded of how we’re all the same.

Sustainable developments

October 26, 2016

Here’s my latest story with photos, about a Sustainability Scholar for UAlberta’s Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

What am I up to lately? I am really enjoying public relations and communications strategizing, and I knew I would.  Even as a creative in tv, I was always acutely aware that I was designing, which to me meant solving a problem and supporting business goals in my work. But interviewing Scott and Jasmine reminded me how much I miss interviewing people, even though I have done it many, many times, for me it never gets old. I would like to do more stories.

A Family that Volunteers Together…

September 3, 2015

Wendy and April David Boucher

I volunteer for Literacy and Learning Day and wrote an article about the wonderful family who keeps it going year after year. It was just published in Edmonton’s Child Magazine.

The Edmonton Insight Community

August 23, 2015

I took this photograph and wrote an article for the City of Edmonton’s Edmonton Insight Community. It was published on the Transforming Edmonton blog.

Quantum Entanglement Blew my Mind

July 19, 2015

I consider myself fairly empathic and I am always interested in why something is the way it is so I was fascinated when I found this podcast on the theory of quantum entanglement. I am sharing the link because basically, it blew my mind. Once entangled, particles remain connected even when separated by great distances. Can you know how someone feels at a cellular level? And once entangled, without realizing it, are you changed forever?  I obviously have more questions when I consider the possibilities. Maybe it’s something like the series Sense 8 but at an atomic, unconscious level.

A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us.


Whether you read for fun or knowledge you must admit, it’s better when there’s at least a spark and magnificent when there’s a breakthrough. I found this quote on a post from one of my favourite blog sites and had to share just in case you didn’t know about it.

I am delighted daily by Maria Popova’s posts in my facebook and twitter feed.

Thank you Maria Popova!

January 29, 2015

Profiles – Portrait Photography

October 30, 2014

Profiles Postcard print-01I love it when I find a new skill. It turns out that all those years of interviewing and directing people to feel comfortable on camera for television is a transferable skill for portrait photography! This was a fun project for my MacEwan University business class. I loved helping people by giving them a professional corporate photo (and sometimes a fun photo too) and biography for their LinkedIn profile or website at a really great price. I decided to make them all high key, one set up (with a little tweaking) and that’s how this little business model could offer a low price for such high quality photos.

Thank you to Studio Bloom for donating the space for our Profiles pop-up photo studio! As part of ENACTUS’ Mission Possible program, we donated 100% of the profits to the Elizabeth Fry Society of Edmonton. And thank you, happy customers!

Rob Allison 1 6x4
Jennifer Villeneuve 1 6x4

My One Minute Silent Film “When Life Gives You Dandelions” in Gotta Minute Film Festival This Week

September 15, 2014

This week, September 15 -21, you can check out Western Canada’s first film festival for commuters.

Inspired by a similar festival in Toronto,  one minute silent short films will play each day on platform screens throughout the Edmonton Transit LRT system, bringing Media Art to Edmontonians ‘on the go’.  You can also watch the program or individual films online and vote for your favourite.  The program will also play in the Gotta Minute Screening Room at the Stanley Milner – Edmonton Public Library.

My film will be playing September 18 on platforms but you can check it directly here and click on vote and/or share if you like it!