An Edmonton Production Company

An Edmonton Production Company

Welcome to Ramona Czakert Franson's portfolio site. Rolu Media Inc. is her production company based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

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April 5, 2014

Ramona InstagramI’m Ramona and Rolu Media Inc. is my production company. I write. I design. I take photographs and create videos. I help small businesses and non-profits with their branding, visual identity and promotional materials.  I collaborate with other talented people on various projects.

This blog design is a bookshelf because I love me a bookshelf! It is a beautiful sight that fills me with inspiration and represents my thirst for knowledge.

I had a lot of questions when I was very young and my Dad and I would look up the answers in an old set of Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia. Now perhaps it was the sheer volume of my questions because also at a very young age he taught me how to look things up myself. And, I haven’t looked back since.

Rolu-logo-for-website-shelfI went to University for a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and English and to NAIT for a Diploma in Radio and Television. I have grown to truly appreciate literature, philosophy, history, art, architecture, design, photography, music, film, science and technology. I have been writing, designing, directing, editing and producing for television and video for over fifteen years. I have worked for CTV, Superchannel, Movie Central, ACCESS and Canadian Learning Television. I have recently added a Public Relations Diploma and communications planning to my repertoire.

It is no surprise that I chose the screen as my medium. After all, you need all the elements of script, design, music, photography and editing and more to combine to make a good film. And I love it all.

I find inspiration all around me and I will put these things on my shelf. And if you see something cool please share.

And just imagine how lucky I feel to be alive right here, right now, in a time of unlimited knowledge, when I can look up everything and learn anything on my phone.

Creative Services

April 5, 2014

A film has a script, design, cinematography, music and editing. To promote your business you need copywriting, graphic design and marketing know-how. These are the services I offer. With fifteen years experience in television promotions I am able to offer copywriting, designing and producing for print, web and video. For small business owners and small non-profits who want to look professional I offer a starter special, all the branding visual identity elements and a website you control, basically all you need to get started in your business.  And I also offer these services a la carte as well and have created many business cards, brochures, ads and promotional materials. Please see my portfolio for examples. For my latest websites please see Johanne Yakula’s or Rosella Mandau’s  www.studiobloom.caThe Starter Special
For  businesses with an established brand, I also offer marketing and training videos. I can tell your story. Please see the video I created for ONPA Architects.

An interview about my winning the Global Visions Pitch Fest at Hot Docs Film Fest in Toronto.

Interview at Hot Docs

March 28, 2014

I won the Global Visions Film Festival Pitch Fest for my documentary pitch The Farmworkers.

March 28, 2014