An Edmonton Production Company

An Edmonton Production Company

Welcome to Ramona Czakert Franson's portfolio site. Rolu Media Inc. is her production company based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

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My One Minute Silent Film “When Life Gives You Dandelions” in Gotta Minute Film Festival This Week

September 15, 2014

This week, September 15 -21, you can check out Western Canada’s first film festival for commuters.

Inspired by a similar festival in Toronto,  one minute silent short films will play each day on platform screens throughout the Edmonton Transit LRT system, bringing Media Art to Edmontonians ‘on the go’.  You can also watch the program or individual films online and vote for your favourite.  The program will also play in the Gotta Minute Screening Room at the Stanley Milner – Edmonton Public Library.

My film will be playing September 18 on platforms but you can check it directly here and click on vote and/or share if you like it!


I created this video for ONPA Architects to celebrate their 50th Anniversary.

The ONPA Story

March 28, 2014

I created this trailer for the website The Richest Place on Earth, a research project initiated by Kevin Taft, MLA for Edmonton Riverview for Catapult Marketing. You can also find more information on the project  here.

The Richest Place on Earth

March 28, 2014

A video to tell the story and promote the event “The Iron Science Teacher.” I created it for ACCESS television.

Iron Science Teacher

March 28, 2014

Before I resigned from CTV to start my production company, I was at Chum Television working primarily for ACCESS and Canadian Learning Television where my work had been nominated for four AMPIA awards including the interstitial series Walk a Mile with Darrin Hagen for Cultural Diversity.

I also arranged for Walk a Mile with Darrin Hagen to continue as a feature on City TV’s Your City program.


Walk a Mile with Darrin Hagen

March 28, 2014

Do you remember this show? It was on ACCESS. When we moved to downtown to merge with the other CHUM stations, the station had a steady cam. I wanted the promo to be a “one shot/no edit”‘piece but it just took longer that :30 so I had to speed up the move. Lots of extra rehearsing and it might have tired out the camera guy Bruce a bit more than we needed to but I think it was still good to try.  I’d like to try again one day, maybe on an elaborate set like a Wes Anderson film. It was also nominated for an AMPIA.

Helptv Promo

March 28, 2014

This was an interstitial program I created for ACCESS during the kids block of programming. It covered A-Z and it was very fun to create. The museum basically had a kids school program called A-Z at the Museum or something like that and I thought it would make a good little program. It was re-created for tv, we didn’t spring it on any unsuspecting kids. It was also nominated for an AMPIA.

Alphabet Museum Z is for Zookeeper

March 28, 2014

I created this promo for Movie Central’s Shadow Lane, the shortlived branding of channels based on theme. For many years I worked for Superchannel and Movie Central watching movies and creating promos. This was one of my favourites because I think Stanley Kubrick would’ve liked it, playing up the irony and all, at least I hope he would’ve, I’m a big fan of his work. His choice of imagery and music, the atmospheres he created were truly unique, truly art. I’m a fan of Stephen King too and although it was reported he didn’t like the film, I thought “based on” was a nice compromise.

The Shining Promo

March 28, 2014

This was the last commercial I did for Superchannel before it rebranded to become Movie Central. I really was wondering what we were and especially what was going to become of us. But don’t cry for me Argentina, it was a fantastic gig as I got paid to watch so many great films, new ones and classics too.

Superchannel “Twinkle Star”

March 28, 2014